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Premium Album



Full photo covers are designed by you so they are unique in every way. Add your favorite photos or make it a collage, your album your way! 


We make sure the leathers in our books are full grain and rich in texture and softness. Because we only use natural leather the color, textures and patterns may vary from book to book but rest assured, you still get the top of the line quality.

Leather albums with Acrylic Cover are exquisite!

Why pick between photo and leather cover when you can have both?  This bad boy is the best of both worlds. Pick your favorite photo, and enticing leather color and WAMMM!! 

We print these albums using photographic process and printers. We finish these pages by coating them with an ultra soft film we call “Soft Matte”. Yeah, it feels exactly like it sounds! 

So soft you’ll want to rub your face on these pages! 

Leather Optional Upgrades

Take it from us

Paired with our boxes these albums look exceptional!

We’ll be adding a link here to make it easier for you to include a wooden engraved box with your purchase of your premium album. 

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Premium Leather or PHOTO COVER

Completely hand made with love

Did we mention we hand make our albums yet?