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Hi, my name is Brenda. I’m a crafts woman, a painter, photographer, wood carver and a seeker. As a photographer I wanted to make my own albums, albums that were top quality that suit my budget as well as my style and personality.  The quest to make my own albums took a long time, a lot of effort, frustration, and tears. I almost gave up in my quest to make the albums that I dreamed about but the support of my husband who many times said to me “you’re too far from your starting point to give up” cheered me up to continue looking for ways to get it done. 
After two years of countless  albums ruined, concepts put together that I was not happy with, I finally made THAT one album that I was finally proud of! To say that I was excited and proud is an understatement. I was beyond what words can describe as I made this albums without anyone’s advice and help, without having any previous experience on how to make books, without knowing what providers to seek. There were tons of starting points for me because I started and started again and again until I found a way.
Now here I am, offering my books to you. The books that I make from scratch with my own two hands. 

I hope you will give me the opportunity to demonstrate to you what I do. What I love doing!




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