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Guestbooks are full photo cover albums. They include 10 spreads adorned with you photos + 2 front and back white leafs for extra space for guests to write on.  You have the option of choosing decorative foil for your name, date or special message on the front cover or going for a regularly color printed text instead.  Guestbooks must include the word "Guestbook" on your design for the front cover or it will be added by us in the final printout.  Unfortunately at this moment we do not offer the option of adding extra spreads to albums or different cover options other than photo cover. 


Dont forget to include color pens in your order

Because you really don’t want your guests to write in plain blue or black pens or markers. Colors pens stand out in pages and entice your guests to write. 

Not your traditional Guestbook

Hand crafted and press printed beautifully, this album has impressed our customers. It is definitely not your traditional reception entrance book. It shows your photos beautifully as well as invites guests to write loving messages for you on its pages. 

We recommend you pair it with bright color pens so that your pages look stunning and colorful. 

Brag your photos and
let your guests
love on them!