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Represent your brand with style!

Why do the boring 90’s CD cases when you can put your brand all over the place! You took those videos and those photos, so make sure your deliveries to your clients represent you well! 

CD Cases are customizable all over the place!

After you download our photoshop templates, you can customize your CD case anyway you want. You can style it your way with your own fonts, your pictures, put your logo and your client’s names. And why stop there?  Make all the writings in foil for a super cool and elegant feel! 

Soon you'll be able to add
the whole package!

Take it from us

Take it to the next level!
Get a box for your CD cases!

Why stop with a CD case when you can make it WOW!  

You can totally get a custom engraved box that can fit up to 3 CD cases inside. You will love it! 

This option will be available sooner than you think!

just keep tabs on us! 

Completely hand made with love

Did we mention we hand make our products yet?